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How to Stop Clutter Before It Even Starts

Clutter in your home might be a major source of stress. From letters you never get around to reading to clothing you never seem to wear, it’s easy for things to get out of hand, especially in the chaos of contemporary life. To really beat the clutter curse, try stopping it before it starts with these quick hacks.

Streamline your mail. Letters, flyers and other pieces of mail can really add up and add unnecessary clutter to your countertops. Prevent this by opting for digital delivery of things like bills and financial statements. Keep a recycling bin right in the front hall so you can throw out flyers or other paper items that come in the mail you don’t want.

Re-think gifts. The holidays can be a major time period for accumulating more junk than you actually need. Consider getting together with close friends and family and forming a “gift alternative” system. Instead of buying items for one another, try doing kind favours for one another, or buying gifts that result in experiences—like spa days or theatre performances—rather than physical things.

Do a mass unsubscribe. Are you subscribed to a magazine or newsletter you just never have the time to look at? Kick it to the curb and enjoy less paper coming through your front door. This can also work for digital newsletters or retail companies you’re on the email list for. Email clutter is a real thing!

Have a standing “donation bin.” Designate a bin or box in your home as a place to put items in it you don’t want or need. Then take it to a thrift store or non-profit that might benefit from those items. Make a habit of maintaining it weekly or monthly.