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How to Make Even Your Linen Closet Look Stylish

Closets aren’t typically places one thinks about decorating, but the truth is, it can be fun to make your storage areas look aesthetically pleasing. Not only does it make you more likely to use them, but it can also help make them stay organized. Here’s how to make yours look as beautiful as it works.

Add shelving. If your closets come with a single shelf along the top and you plan to use it to store smaller items, there’s no reason you can’t add more shelving. While you’re at it, choose shelves you love! Whether they’re rustic wood or sleek and minimalist, pick a style that fits your decor and is sturdy enough to hold your contents.

Choose a variety of storage containers. Containing your belongings in different boxes or baskets allows you to categorize them, while adding the opportunity for you to experiment with different materials or textures. Try a combination of clear or wire boxes, which make it easy to see items, with fabric-based or wooden crates.

Don’t be afraid to add whimsy. Consider elements of decor that you would in any other room. Adding a swath of wallpaper on the back wall or painting it a bold colour can add some fun to a storage space. If you plan to add hooks, consider some with a playful design.

Consider switching the door. You don’t have to stick with the closet door it came with! Swapping out a plain closet door with barn doors, mirrored doors or one with frosted glass panelling can add interest to a plain fixture.