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Out With the Old Fixtures

You make a lot of changes when getting a home ready to sell, but one thing that all sellers should consider doing is changing out any antiquated fixtures that might make a room seem old and be a turnoff to a house hunter.

Replacing fixtures is relatively easy and often inexpensive, and can be a great way to add some value to your home in the eyes of a prospective buyer.

Start by going room to room and jotting down a list of the fixtures you have. Include all lighting, faucets, doorknobs and switches. Compile a list of any problems or irregularities, and then think about the best way to replace or fix them.

Once completed, pay a visit to your local home improvement store and buy some updated fixtures that you can use to make things better. And no need to hire a contractor for any of this— these should all be simple DIY projects that you can do by watching a YouTube video or reading a book from the library. If you’re really not handy, ask a friend or relative for help or do hire someone, but these shouldn’t be time-consuming at all.

For example, to replace lights, you can add a dimmer, replace the light plate with something more colorful or shinier and it only takes a little bit of work with a screwdriver. New light fixtures can also change the nuance of a room and brighten up any dark area. You might be worried about “playing” with electricity, but simply cut off the power in your fuse box, and you will be fine.

In the kitchen and bathroom, faucet and drain stopper changes are something that’s easy and can add some shine to the sinks. And if you’re making changes in the bathroom to the faucet, you should also do the shower so that everything matches. Speaking of showers, putting in a new showerhead that offers massage or heavy jets is also something people like.

With doorknobs, shiny is in and can really make a door or closet stand out in a room. Be consistent throughout the house so that you don’t have different doorknobs for different rooms in the same hallway. That look could be unsettling.

Remember, when working with fixtures, there are plenty of low-cost options that look great and will attract buyers in the process. Replacing fixtures is an easy way to spend a relatively small amount and get a big return in the home’s look, which can ultimately lead to a faster sale.

Jennifer Dion, Realtor