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3 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe and Calm in a Storm

Your furry friends are like family, and of course, you want to keep them as safe as possible. During a storm, it is all too common for a frightened pet to startle and run away. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe and calm during a storm.

Bring Pets Indoors

Your pets may be used to spending time outdoors, but even often-outdoor pets should come inside during storms. Inclement weather can pose safety risks to pets. Hard winds can stir up debris that can harm your furry friends; while the simple aspect of fear can cause its own share of harm. Pets that are frightened by the noise and chaos of a harsh storm can run away into a dangerous situation. Remember that–while uncommon–it is possible for small caged outdoor animals (like rabbits) to experience shock and heart problems as a result of extreme fear.

Provide a Secure Space

A small and cozy area is just what your overwhelmed pet needs in the instance of a storm. A small room without windows works best (think a bathroom, laundry room or pantry). A room that is away from the visual cues of the storm is best, so if you are unable to find a windowless space, be sure to close the blinds. If your pet is crate-trained, this can also be a familiar safe area for them to rest until the storm passes.

Provide a Distraction

Your pet’s favorite toy can be vital to ensure your pet stays calm throughout the storm. Keeping your pet occupied with games is a great way to tear their focus away from their potential fear and instead make the time fun. Eventually, your pet will learn to associate storms with extra fun and attention–just be sure to avoid showing anxiety yourself, during this time that you spend with your pet. When they sense that you are calm and engaged in play, they will be more likely to feel comfortable

Every pet owner wants to keep their animal friends safe during a storm. A little extra knowledge can go a long way to accomplish just that. The next time you and your pets face a storm, you will know exactly how to respond.