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5 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Day

Is your daily routine bogging you down? Are you going through a hard time? Did you wake up feeling a bit blah? Of course, it’s normal to feel down every once in a while, but it’s also possible to find a way to brighten your day, even if you have to hardwire it. Here are five easy ways to help improve your mood:

Smile. The saying “fake it ’til you make it” has been proven to work when it comes to smiling. While it can feel painful to put on a faux grin, a few minutes of smiling a day really can boost your mood. Struggling to pull it off? Set aside 10 minutes and watch your favorite comedian or cute puppy videos to spark a genuine laugh or two.

Dance. Take a short dance break and blast your favorite songs. Not only will you get your blood moving, but you’ll also boost your endorphins. The more upbeat the tune, the better!

Snuggle. Human touch does wonders for your mood, and numerous studies have shown that cuddling can make us feel better. Don’t have a snuggle buddy? A four-legged friend works, too.

Get outside. A lack of vitamin D can be a huge mood drain. Take 10 minutes to go for a short walk during daylight hours and help lift your spirits. Grab a friend and walk to the local coffee or smoothie shop for an even bigger boost.

Play. All work and no play makes everyone dull. We all have different play methods–video games, golf, painting, bicycling. Find whatever feels like fun “you” time and spend a small amount of time daily—or at least weekly—working it into your schedule to feel fulfilled.

These are just five ways to try and find a smile. Whether you’re feeling a bit down or just looking for new tricks to add more joy, exploring healthy ways to brighten your day can do wonders to help lift your spirits.