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Bathroom Upgrades That Can Add Value to Your Home

A bathroom can be among the top selling points in a home. In fact, upgrading your bathroom prior to listing the home for sale may enable you to sell it at a higher price point. Here are some ways you can improve your bathroom and get the highest possible return on your investment:

Add More Storage
There are many items that you want or need to keep in a bathroom at any given time. For instance, you’ll likely want to keep extra rolls of toilet paper handy or have extra hand towels available. You’ll also want to keep your toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant in the bathroom. By adding a closet, a larger vanity or extra drawers underneath your current vanity, you provide plenty of space for multiple people to share the bathroom peacefully.

Add a Touch of Luxury
Buyers will have a harder time not putting an offer on a home when it has a luxurious feel to it. Adding a whirlpool tub to the bathroom will make a buyer feel as if he or she were about to buy a spa instead of a residential property. Working with companies can make it possible to make your bathroom luxurious yet affordable at the same time.

Put in New Tile
Replacing your current floor in favor of a tile one can improve the look and feel of the entire space. In fact, a remodeling contractor can add a heated floor that is ideal for those cold winter days or those chilly spring mornings. It can make it easier to face the prospect of walking to the shower or sink without the need to find your socks and slippers first.

Add an Additional Sink
If you have to share the bathroom with your spouse or kids, it’s important to have multiple sinks. This allows both parents to get ready for work at once or both kids to get ready for school at the same time. It also allows people to keep their respective area of the vanity as clean or as messy as they want without infringing on others.

Even if you don’t have a large remodeling budget, you can still make your bathroom look and feel like one of the best rooms in the house. When upgraded properly, this space can be the centerpiece of the home and help attract eager buyers willing to pay top dollar for it.

Source: Hannah Whittenly/RISMedia’s Housecall