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Is a House Without Music Really a Home?

No home is complete without some songs. Music is terrific to listen to as you cook and clean or when the family gathers for dinner. It’s also ideal when entertaining guests or to just listen to as you relax and clear your mind.

And there are lots of ways for you and your family to enjoy music in your new house. These range from modern platforms to old-fashioned methods that are becoming new again.

Here are some of the most popular options that can bring music into your home so that everyone in your family can enjoy it.

Streaming Services:
There are several platforms that, for a monthly fee, give you access to just about any song you can think of. These include Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play. A standard Amazon Prime subscription comes with some music streaming, or you can upgrade to the Unlimited plan and get a lot more.

On the Radio:
Do you know there’s a device you can buy for about $20 or less, and all you have to do is plug it in and you can listen to music, news, sports and talk without paying any monthly fees? An old-fashioned radio remains a great way to listen to music. Or you can subscribe to satellite radio, which offers channels devoted to virtually all musical styles, including rock, pop, R&B, blues, jazz, Broadway, standards, classical and even music for kids.

Records and CDs:
Even though streaming is taking over, you probably have a CD collection, so why not get a player and listen to them? And vinyl records have made a comeback, which makes a turntable a terrific way to enjoy music. Vinyl also can be fun because you can find old records for sale at affordable prices online or at a used record store if there’s one nearby.

Get a Jukebox:
If your new home has a game room, a jukebox will make for a fun addition. They’re decorative and add to the look of a game room, and your guests will have a great time picking out their favorite songs. Jukeboxes are also a great fit for a man cave or entertainment room.

And if there are people in your family who know how to play instruments, you can all make your own music and sing together.