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5 Household Items You Can Feel Good About Splurging On

There’s nothing wrong with spending a little extra when it comes to furnishing your home. No matter what your personal style is, investing in quality home goods can make all the difference in your everyday life. Whether it’s time to decorate your new house or you’re simply looking to make some upgrades around your current residence, here are several household items that are worth splurging on.

Quality Bedding
Considering we spend a third of our lives in bed, you shouldn’t think twice about treating yourself to a luxurious mattress that you look forward to curling up in at the end of the day. Furthermore, with a set of fine linens and plush pillows, you can ensure the best possible sleep each night and feel ready to tackle the day every morning.

Fluffy Towels
As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to replace your towels every two years or so. Once they’ve lost that fluffy feeling and become scratchy, you’ll know it’s time to make the upgrade. While it can be easy to overlook, there’s no going back once you’ve had the tactile experience of drying yourself off with a soft and absorbent Egyptian cotton towel.

Quality Cookware
When it comes to the tools you use for making your family’s food, it’s worth going with heirloom-quality cookware. Cast iron or stainless steel are typically the gold standard when it comes to pots, pans and skillets because they last forever and distribute heat evenly. Additionally, with cast iron you have the ability to sear an item on the stove and then put it in the oven without having to change pans.

Stylish Window Treatments
Because they have a major impact on the aesthetic in each room, you want window treatments that get you excited. Whether you opt for curtains, blinds or shades, this feature contributes to the form and function of your home, so you can feel good about investing in high quality treatments.

Elegant Dishes
Your dishes are another item that your going to be using every day, so make sure that you choose a set you love. From family dinners to holiday gatherings, these are the real centerpiece of your dining room table.

Jennifer Dion, Realtor