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Cleaning: What Not to Do

Believe it or not, despite your best efforts, some of your cleaning habits may be doing more harm than good. Be sure not to do the following:

Closing the washing machine door. Closing the door after a load of wash is done seems like a no-brainer. In actuality, you should be leaving the washing machine door open when the laundry is finished. The airflow will actually help prevent mold and mildew from building up inside your machine. If your laundry isn’t smelling as clean as it should after washing and drying, that could be the culprit. When leaving the door open, take extra care if you have small children and pets.

Using paper towels to clean glass. When cleaning mirrors and windows, your best bet is a microfiber cloth. Paper towels will leave streaks and a trail of lint.

Using a spray cleaner on car windows. A spray cleaner will leave a pattern of drops and streaks on car windows, so opt for a foam cleaner instead. 

Microwaving kitchen sponges. According to studies from Real Simple, microwaving sponges to clean them is not as effective as once thought, so using them to clean kitchen counters, etc. may actually be spreading bacteria. The safer bet? Replace your sponges once a week, or use cleaning cloths that can be put through the washing machine.

Not cleaning your cell phone. Since our cell phones tend to go everywhere, studies have revealed that they may carry more germs than a toilet seat! So even if you’ve done a great job cleaning your home’s surface, every time you place your phone down is a chance for spreading bacteria. Follow safe practices for cleaning electronics, and make sure to regularly clean your mobile devices.

Make these few, quick adjustments to your routines for more effective cleaning and a healthier home.

Source: Real Simple