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5 Home Materials That Look Better with Age

If we’re being honest, some home materials can simply stand the test of time better than others. This is especially true if your house is exposed to a harsh climate or undergoes the everyday wear and tear that comes with kids and pets running around. While some materials are at their best when they’re shiny and new, others can develop a beautiful patina that adds character. Here are a few such materials that will continue to look better with age.

Copper can be used for a variety of applications around the home, from gutters and cladding to sinks, bathtubs and light fixtures. Wherever you choose to use it, eventually copper will oxidize and its shiny dark orange appearance will develop a distinguished look with shades of blue and green. This will happen noticeably faster when used outside and there’s no greater example of this than the Statue of Liberty.

The warm earth tones of terracotta often contribute to a timeless aesthetic, whether it’s used for tile floors or pottery in your garden. One of the reasons this material has been around for so long is that it fares well in the elements and, in fact, the texture gets even richer. When you decide to splurge on beautiful handmade terracotta for your home, you can rest assured that it will endure.

Reclaimed Wood
One of the best parts about using reclaimed wood in your home is that its flaws are actually part of the appeal. The scuffs and scratches that developed over time tell the story of its past life and eventually turn into an inimitable patina. Rather than having to worry about keeping your floors flawless, it can be nice to embrace the imperfections with a rustic look. This is especially true if you have dogs, which can take a toll on hardwood floors.

Natural Stone
If you have natural stone floors, like travertine or sandstone, you can certainly expect this surface to change over time. As the stone takes on a weathered look, the texture will become smoother and develop a soft luster that many people find desirable.