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Tips to Boost Your Daily Productivity

Every day we wake up with a list of things to do, no matter the day of the week. As the hours pass and the sun sets, it never feels like there are enough hours in a day to finish everything you wanted to get done. But this doesn’t mean you can’t complete all of your daily tasks. With a bit of planning and a few simple steps, you can easily increase your daily productivity. 

Make a List
After you’ve gotten up, dressed and ready to start your day, write down all the tasks that you need done. This is not only to remember each task, but to check it off along the way, which helps you to feel accomplished and motivated for whatever is next. Be sure to limit your list with a reasonable number of things to do in a day. If you overload yourself with tasks, you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment and stress. Feel free to make a weekly list, but try to break down tasks day by day. 

Put Down the Phone
In today’s world, it’s unusual to see someone without their smartphone. With endless apps, social media and constant contact with anyone in the world, phones have undoubtedly become a major distraction in our daily lives. Once you have your to-do list, put your phone down! Not only will this help with face-to-face communication and self-care, but it will give you more time and energy to dedicate to things you need to get done.

Prep for Meals
Whether you’re cooking dinner for a family of five or packing up lunch for work, it’s much easier and more productive when all of your ingredients are ready to go—or already cooked! Plan out the meals you plan to prepare for the week before you shop, which will  ensure you have exactly what you need at the ready. Pre-cook and pack up lunches the night before to avoid spending more by eating out. The less time you spend digging for ingredients or deciding what’s for breakfast, the healthier and more valuable your life becomes. 

Being productive isn’t all about planning ahead and making lists. You have to be willing and dedicated to being productive, and that starts in your mind. To dive into a to-do list, whether at home or in the office, you need a clean space. Remove garbage, old paperwork and any other clutter from areas like your workspace and counters. Clearing the area you work in will clear the mind, opening it up for a mess-free, stress-free day. 

Set a Timer
When you have a limited time to get something important done, you may be more inclined to complete it quickly. People have a tendency to attempt multitasking, which doesn’t always help productivity. Putting your focus on one singular task while blocking out any other distractions ensures it gets done, and done right. Also, setting a timer can help determine how much time is actually needed in the future and give insight on similar tasks.  

Create a Routine
As you start your journey to improving your daily productivity, get yourself into a routine. Learn what times of day you are most productive and accomplish the most tasks, as well as the tools that help you. By prepping food for tomorrow’s lunch or writing a to-do list for the week, you can cut out the stress of forgetting or rushing through tasks. Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day, as well as repeating and reusing these productivity tips, creating a routine for yourself that will help ease the strain of daily chores and improve your life.