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4 Adorable Dog Breeds That Are Suited for City Living

So, you just moved to the city and are considering bringing a new pup into the home. Like any responsible dog owner, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and living situation before making any decisions. Being located in an urban environment, especially if you’re in an apartment, should certainly play a role when picking out the right breed. Fortunately, there are tons of different types of dogs that can thrive in the city. Here are just a few breeds that you can feel good about bringing home.

French Bulldog
Everyone loves a Frenchie and these stout little companions are perfectly suited to life in the city. A daily walk is enough exercise to keep them happy, meaning they won’t require a big yard to run around. They’re not particularly big barkers and for the most part a French bulldog will be perfectly content just lounging by your side.

Bichon Frise
The Bichon Frise is regularly ranked as a top apartment dog for good reason. This toy-sized breed is great with children and loves to play games as a way to expend their energy. And an added bonus for those with dander-sensitive family and friends – t they’re hypoallergenic.

You may be surprised to hear that boxers can actually be perfectly content living in an apartment, however, that only holds true when they get enough daily exercise. You’ll want to take them outside for at least an hour each day to avoid any behavioral problems, but if you’re an active person and are looking for a new jogging partner, a boxer will be up to the task.

Yorkshire Terrier
When you’re worried about not having enough space for a large dog to lumber around, a Yorkie is an excellent option. In fact, even a modest-sized apartment will feel palatial to these little pooches, and they’ll be happy to get their exercise by playing inside if you’re not able to walk them every day.