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3 Easy Indoor Plants That Elevate Your Space

A well-curated home takes time to foster. Finding the perfect furniture, art and wall decor to fit your aesthetic requires an investment in every sense of the word. Yet, too often, homeowners ignore the final touches that truly bring rooms to life. An indoor plant can revitalize and elevate any room and this list will help you find the perfect plant for your space.

Spider Plant
These plants are hard to kill and easy to pair with any decor style. They are also non-toxic to pets, which makes them the perfect plant around your furry friends. Simply provide a spider plant with a pot of soil, moderate sunlight and a weekly watering, and you’ll be sure to enjoy this plant for its simple beauty and its air-purifying benefits. 

A classic choice for many homes across the decades, a pathos plant can survive nearly anywhere you put it. They can thrive in filtered light to low light—though they can burn in direct sunlight. Pathos can be propagated by putting root cuttings in water and planted after the roots appear. This makes them a great choice for maximalist plant lovers; your home could be a veritable garden with a little patience. 

Known not only for their delicate beauty, these plants have a reputation for being difficult to manage. Orchids tend to be overwatered by overzealous plant owners. However, they are relatively low maintenance if you know that even a little bit of overwatering can kill them. Use the low maintenance ice cube watering trick to prevent overwatering or wet the soil using the faucet for 15 seconds and follow up with 15 minutes of draining excess water.

Refresh your space and bring greenery into your home without hassle. With plants this easy to care for, don’t hesitate to put a plant in every corner of your home.

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