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Inspired Ideas to Upgrade Your Backyard

Spruce up your own backyard and inspire your children to get outside and away from their screens.


For kids, there’s almost nothing more fun or classic than climbing a tree, and having a hangout in the treetops makes it that much better! Make this a DIY project at your local hardware store or hire a pro for a more luxurious look.


A staple in almost every suburban backyard, a swingset is a great way to get your kids outside. Some sets include slides and monkey bars, and many different styles of swings, such as a classic seat, a tire and even specialty seats for two!


On a hot summer day, having a pool to jump in, play in and cool off is enticing, both for kids and adults. Even purchase pool toys, such as floats, pool noodles and even a basketball hoop for days full of fun in the sun!