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3 Tips for a Wonderful Vegetable Garden in the City

Whether you have a charming backyard, sizable balcony or spacious rooftop, there are plenty of opportunities to grow your own produce in the city.

Maximize Your Space

Using raised beds and implementing “square foot gardening,” where each square foot of garden holds a specific plant, will maximize space and efficiency. 

Containers are equally well suited to growing vegetables in confined spaces and can provide a unique aesthetic to your garden with beautiful planters. 

What to Grow

Stick to vegetables that require a soil depth of less than a foot, like lettuce, spinach, eggplants, radishes and beets. 

Vegetables that can grow vertically using support systems, such as tomatoes and squash, are another way to maximize space.

Bring in the Soil

Even if you have a backyard, it’s a good idea to buy organic potting soil that’s rich in nutrients and can retain moisture to keep your plants healthy.