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5 Colors for a Trendy Living Room

Looking to update your living room vibe? Try a fresh paint color that can have a big impact on the look and feel of the room. 

Deep Blue

This rich shade will give your living room a sophisticated look. Use a matte finish for a suede-like feel or a gloss for a more regal vibe.

Pale Peach 

Neutral hues like pale peach help add warmth to a room and help balance 

Crimson Red 

This shade of red adds warmth to a room. It pairs well with neutral-toned furniture as well as bold colors like golds and greens.

Hushed Blush 

This warm, neutral shade provides a great backdrop for any colors in your room, especially accents of green, blue and red.

Teal Blue 

Looking to be a little adventurous? This shade is the perfect balance of blue and green—a great choice for a clean, modern living room.