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Carla Unterkofler
CENTURY 21 New Millennium

5 Home Decor Items for a Nostalgic-Feeling Space

Creating a nostalgic feel is the perfect way to recall a bygone era and can be done in any room with these items.


A mint-condition jukebox is an entertaining statement piece that will never go out of style. 

Vintage Cameras

Arranging vintage cameras from different eras on a shelf is likely going to evoke a response from visitors young and old.

Arcade Games

Create a fun vibe with arcade games and pinball machines, while also introducing your kids to a game that you can actually beat them in. 

Record Players

Record players have proven to be irreplaceable thanks to their distinctly rich sound and beautiful aesthetics. 

Vintage Refrigerators

Whether you put it in your kitchen, game room or garage, a vintage refrigerator lends an old-timey feel and pop of color to any setting.