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How to Keep Glassware Safe During Your Next Move

Keep your breakable items safe and secure with these smart packing tips.

Choose the Right Packing Materials

Use dish barrels, a stronger, thicker cardboard created with your kitchen in mind. Utilize plenty of packing paper for the safest travel of delicate glassware.

Create a Soft Bed of Paper

Create a six inch cushion at the bottom of each box. Don’t be shy with the packing paper. Crumple up the paper to provide a shock-absorbing space.

Use Smart Wrapping Methods

For glasses, the roll and tuck method is best. For plates—again, don’t be shy with the packing paper—lay out two to three layers of packing paper and wrap bottom to top. Wrap each piece in multiple layers for added protection.

Pack by Weight

Pack each box with the heaviest and sturdiest items on the bottom. Add extra packing paper in between each layer or item for maximum support.