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How to Handle a Leaky Ceiling

While no one wants to deal with a leak in their roof, many homeowners will face a problematic roofing situation at some point. 

Here are the steps to take if you find a leak in your roof.

Contain the Damage

If you notice an area in your home that is leaking, address that spot immediately. Wipe up any excess water, move furniture or appliances out of the way and contain the leak with pots or pans to prevent a lot of excess damage. 

Assess the Leak Location

Even a minor leak can cause serious damage to the building itself. If you are unable to make or schedule an immediate repair due to inclement weather, assess where the leak is located and temporarily seal it. 

Call a Professional

While many areas of your home are easy to DIY, your roof is an important investment that is far better to opt for a professional. A skilled roofer can assess the initial damage and most cost-effective steps to prevent damage in the future.