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Choosing a Bike Helmet for Your Child

Before you allow your child to ride a bike, buy a helmet that fits correctly.

Find the Right Size

A helmet that doesn’t fit properly can’t do its job. A bicycle helmet should come down to just above your child’s eyebrows. It should fit snugly, but it should not be too tight.

Optional Features to Consider

Vents can allow wind to flow over your child’s head while riding a bike. That can keep your child cool and comfortable and can also reduce the helmet’s weight.

If your child wants to record videos while biking, you can look for a helmet with a built-in mount or buy one separately.

Put Safety First

Discuss safety with your child, find a helmet that fits correctly and make sure your child wears it on every biking trip.

If your child falls or if the helmet is dropped and cracks, replace it to prevent a head injury in a future accident.