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5 Tips for Utilizing Table Salt

Here are five different ways you can put table salt to use in and out of your kitchen. 

Scrub Your Tub

Sprinkling some table salt over a halved piece of grapefruit can help to dissolve and scrub off gunk, leaving your tub feeling shower fresh. 

Rid a Red Wine Stain

As soon as a spill occurs, pour salt on the entire area. Once the liquid is absorbed, vacuum it up and reveal a clean surface.

Remove Sweat Stains

With a clean sponge, dissolve three tablespoons of salt into one quart of hot water. Dip your sponge and dab onto clothing to remove the stains.

Clean a Cast Iron Pan

Pour in a handful of coarse salt directly into your pan. Add a small amount of water and scrub using a clean rag. Rinse and dry.

Remove Rust

Pour a small amount of salt on a halved lemon and lightly scrub each piece until the rust has been removed.