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How to Make Your Closet Feel Like a Luxury Boutique

The walk-in closet has come a long way. For many luxury homeowners, it’s much more than a place to simply store your clothes. These days, master suites often include full-sized dressing rooms that rival a luxury boutique and offer an experience each time you step into your closet. If you want to get this look for your dressing area, here are a few tips to make it happen.

Focus on Presentation
Considerable effort goes into presentation at a boutique shop and your closet should be no different. You can create visual appeal with display cases and glass cabinet doors that make it easy to admire your perfectly folded wardrobe. It’s important to focus on lighting, as well, because ambient lights will set the mood, whereas task lights ensure that you can differentiate between those subtle tones when picking out your clothes.

Decorate With Intention
The idea of decorating your closet may seem strange, but if you like taking your time to assemble the perfect outfit, then it makes sense to design a space that’s comfortable and inspiring. Of course, at least one floor-to-ceiling mirror is essential, but in addition to that, you can hang a few paintings or curate objects on the shelves, such as antiques, books and flowers. 

Immaculate Organization
If you want to make your dressing room feel like a boutique, it should be free of any clutter and have a designated place for everything. From shoes and handbags to watches and neckties, install a proper storage solution for each item that will make it easy to keep your closet organized. You can even arrange your clothes by season or occasion.

Make It Comfortable
When you try on outfits at a store, there’s always a seating area so that you don’t have to spend the whole time on your feet. The same should go for your closet. After all, it takes careful planning to get the perfect look each day. You’ll be far more comfortable if you can sit down and take a few minutes to go through different options.

Terrilyn VanGorder, PA