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Home Cooling Tips to Keep Costs Low

Beat the heat and high costs this summer with these tips to lower your cooling costs.

Install Smart Thermostats

For maximum efficiency, install smart thermostats around the house, featuring accessibility from practically anywhere.

Experiment With Temperatures

Set your unit a few degrees warmer before you head out to help save energy. Adjust as needed, such as cooling down the house when it’s time to hit the sheets.

Limit Heat-Producing Appliances

Instead of baking or frying your dinner, get outside and enjoy the summer weather with a cookout on the grill. Keep a laundry and dishwasher schedule so you won’t have everything running at once.

Utilize Shaded Areas

Add light blocking drapes to your windows or a tree to your property closest to the windows that allow the most light in. Embrace the shade and lessen the effects of radiant heat and U/V rays inside.

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