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Screen-Free Art Projects for Curious Kids

With many kids still at home and learning remotely—or for any kid who spends too many hours glued to a computer screen—here are five fun art projects using materials found in most homes that are guaranteed to get curious children offline and engaged in gratifying activity.  

  • Sidewalk Chalk Rainbows – Create a giant chalk rainbow in your driveway for walkers to enjoy and/or spell out hopeful messages on the sidewalk, such as, “We can do this,” “Love our community,” or “Stay strong,” decorated with colorful doodles.  
  • Painted Rocks – Take a walk around the neighborhood, or in your own backyard, and collect a few smooth rocks that fit in the palm of your child’s hand. Decorate them with tempera paint or paint pens, then leave them on your walking route as little fun treasures for others to find—or leave one or two on your neighbors’ doorsteps. It’s a great way to build a sense of community as we spend more time apart. 
  • Painting Unlimited On cold or rainy days, lay out a sheet so the floor doesn’t get messy and break out the paint pens, markers or watercolor paints, along with a selection of supplies—paper cut into various sizes and shapes, like hearts or seasonal and holiday cutouts, and even gift boxes to be decorated as your little Picassos see fit.
  • Salt Painting Create a ‘magical’ experience for little ones. Using any poster board, card stock or art paper you have on hand, squeeze on a design with white glue. Sprinkle with salt until the glue is totally covered. Tip to let the excess salt fall away. Then, dip a paintbrush into liquid watercolor paint and touch the brush gently to the salt-covered glue lines and watch the paint magically travel in both directions.
  • Paper Plate Art Paper plates make great palettes for budding artists. Lay out a selection of colored markers, white glue, buttons, cotton balls and pasta in various shapes and let your kids’ imagination run wild.

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