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Nine Cool Mid-Afternoon Tips to Get You Through the Day

The midday slump. We’ve all had it—that sluggish, grumpy slowdown period around 3 or 4 p.m., when the caffeine has worn off, lunch is a memory and all you want is to put your head down on your desk.

To kickstart your energy level and boost your productivity, take a few minutes to try some of these midday habits suggested by personal trainers:

  • Take a short walk. A little fresh air will do wonders, but if you can’t get outdoors, a jog up the stairs or a walk through the corridors may help get your adrenaline going. 
  • Drink a glass of ice water. It will wake you up, boost your metabolism and help you feel refreshed.
  • Have an energy-rich snack. Try a handful of nuts, a cup of yogurt or apple slices with peanut butter. Avoid candy, which may give you a quick rush but leave you more bogged down than you were before.
  • Make a list for the rest of the day. Listing chores and family or social plans through the evening can help to clear your head and get you focused.
  • Do some deep breathing. Just a few minutes of deep breathing exercise can help to clear your head and get you energized.
  • Clean out your email clutter. Cleaning out your inbox during a lull in the afternoon can help you to feel productive, organized and ready to finish out the day.
  • Read an inspirational quote. Don’t underestimate the power of words to jog you into action. Keep a book of quotes handy or search online and find a quote that charms and motivates you.
  • Clean off your desk. A little filing, stacking and sensible tossing may help to make you feel organized and in-charge.
  • Listen to some music. A few minutes spent listening to some energetic music may be all you need to clear your head.

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