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Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Pantry

Take a peek at these organization tips, tricks and tools for your pantry.

Embrace the Lazy Susan

You will be amazed at how useful a simple Lazy Susan can be, especially in a hard-to-reach area. This can help ensure that items do not get lost in the back and expire.

Use Metal Baskets for Pantry Staples

Keep staple items to make basic meals all together in metal baskets. They will not only contain the items, but allow you to easily see if anything is running low.

Resealable Air-Tight Containers

Original packaging rarely keeps foods fresh and tends to look uncoordinated due to all the branding. Decant these pantry items to keep your nonperishables fresh and pleasantly organized.

Shop Your Home

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to pop to a big box store every time you need a little more organization. Shop your home for baskets, bins or boxes that are underutilized; you may have just what you need.