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Elevating Your Powder Room

A powder room is a perfect place to go big and bold with your design because it’s such a small space. As you design your powder bath, consider it your calling card and make it a room that will be memorable to guests long after they leave. A powder bath is a perfect space to take design risks you wouldn’t otherwise feel comfortable making in larger areas. Read on to learn how you can create an enormous impact in a small space.

Envelop the Space in Wallpaper
A powder room isn’t complete without wallpaper. A bold print adds drama and won’t overpower the room since it’s a small enough space. Additionally, since powder bath’s don’t have the humidity that comes with a shower, they are the perfect location to hang wallpaper. A powder room has several different wallpaper application methods that will make a statement:

  • Wallpaper the walls and paint the ceiling
  • Wallpaper the walls and ceiling in the same design
  • Wallpaper the walls and ceiling in two complementary prints, using a larger pattern for the walls and a smaller pattern for the ceiling

All these applications work well with painting the trim a saturated hue that complements one of the colors in the wallpaper.

Saturate the Room in a Bold Color
Consider your powder room a walk-in jewelry box. Drench the walls in a deep, saturated color. A rich navy, eggplant or dark green are luxe, rich tones that even act as neutrals, allowing you to layer more color through the design elements.

Select Oversized Art
Multiple, smaller pieces of art can make a small space appear even smaller. Scale up your art to fill the width of the wall to make a statement and prevent the wall from feeling cluttered.

Go Bold With Gold
If you’re unwilling to commit to brass fixtures throughout the main living areas, the powder bath is an excellent place to layer in brass accents, lighting and fixtures. Whether it’s an antique brass faucet, cabinet hardware, lighting, door handle or all of the above, incorporating this luxe finish makes the space feel more special.

Layer the Lighting
Consider your lighting as pieces of art that will further elevate the room’s design. Think about the lighting from a finish and sculptural standpoint as you select the fixtures. For example, oversized sconces are a typical selection for a powder room, as they lend a design statement and beautifully illuminate your face as you look in the mirror.

Create a Signature Style
How do you want your guests to remember your home? Create a signature style in your home by selecting a signature scent that you can share through the hand soap or diffuser, a signature hand towel and a signature flower or botanical that is a constant every time guests visit.

Whether it’s a rich, saturated color on the walls, a bold print on the ceiling or luxe gold finishes, your elevated powder room will stick with your guests long after they leave.