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4 Reward Ideas to Help Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Whether you choose to reward yourself based on a weight loss number, a certain strength goal or simply want to reward yourself after you’ve reached a specific number of workouts in a row, there are a lot of ways you can choose to make pursuing your fitness goals more fun. The key is to find rewards that are fun to receive, but won’t set you back on your goals. These reward ideas are perfect for everyone striving to get healthier.

Athletic Shoes
A good pair of athletic shoes can help you get the most of your workout while preventing injury. Whether your workout involves running, walking, sports, weight training or dancing, there are likely some ideal shoes that will support your training goals. If you are unsure what to get or want to ensure proper sizing, consider setting a reward to purchase athletic shoes in-person from a shoe store where an employee can offer recommendations and proper sizing.

Massage Gun
If foam rolling is helpful to you after a strenuous workout, but you’re tired of the time it takes after each session, this reward is for you. A massage gun specifically designed to help alleviate muscle tension after workouts can be an excellent fitness reward. This item can be a splurge, but after using it a few times, you won’t regret saving up for it.

New Workout Accessory
If you intend to set incremental goals, inexpensive small rewards are ideal. New workout accessories can be the perfect option for these situations. Water bottles, brand-name athletic socks or scrunchies, trendy patterned workout bands and even a higher-end jump rope can all serve to make your next workout more exciting.

Boutique Class Pass
If there is a sport or activity you’ve been dying to try, a boutique class pass can be an excellent reward idea. Keep yourself on track by sticking to a particular program and once you’ve achieved a fitness goal, reward yourself with a little change-up from your normal fitness routine. Spin classes, rock climbing sessions and other boutique classes can be a great way to break up a monotonous fitness routine.