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Butler's Pantry Design Ideas

A butler’s pantry is a functional space that connects the kitchen to the dining room and an area where the creative possibilities are endless. The butler’s pantry traditionally was a space for food prep and serving ware storage. However, it’s evolved into an area that can serve as a secondary kitchen, storage space, bar, prep station and pantry. If you’re looking to design a butler’s pantry, read on for inspiration on making the space work best for your home.

Include Extra Appliances
Including a second set of appliances, such as an oven, a refrigerator or refrigerator drawers, or an espresso machine, can be an asset if you entertain often. These extra appliances will save you additional trips to the kitchen and be helpful if your primary appliances are in use.

Add Extra Storage
Adding floor-to-ceiling cabinets and drawers will make the butler’s pantry the most functional space in the house. If you don’t need room for food prep, you can maximize this space for additional storage. It will store bulky appliances, dry goods and serving ware. Incorporating open shelving allows for easier access for added convenience.

Incorporate Ample Counter Space
If you plan on using the butler’s pantry for its traditional use, incorporate plenty of counter space to prepare and plate the food, as well as to store platters of non-perishable food before your guests’ arrival.

Create Indoor-Outdoor Access
A butler’s pantry with exterior access combines the indoors and outdoors and provides a space for food prep before grilling and dining outside. In addition, this space can store your grilling utensils and outdoor serving ware, making it easy to dine alfresco.

Design a Secondary Kitchen
If you have a busy household and everyone always seems to be in the kitchen simultaneously, turn the butler’s pantry into a secondary kitchen. Including a microwave, sink, counter space and oven will end fighting over kitchen space and will be an added convenience when you entertain.

Choose a Pocket Door
Selecting a pocket door will keep the butler’s pantry private from the dining room while saving space. If you choose a door that swings in and out, it will take up valuable space in this small area.

Include Wine Refrigerators
Adding wine refrigerators to the butler’s pantry gives you easy access to wine, which can be valuable during long dinner parties. Being able to get a bottle of wine from the butler’s pantry will save you a trip to the wine cellar or bar.

Add Personality
While a butler’s pantry is primarily a utilitarian space, injecting your personality will make it a space you enjoy. Select a palette you’re drawn to, whether it’s dark and moody or light and airy. It can also be a place to display your favorite family photos, memories and treasured pieces of art. You’ll be surrounded by imagery you love while completing mundane tasks.