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Outdoor Activities to Enjoy With Your Kiddos

The sun is shining. The air is buzzing with the warmth and promise of the approaching season of summer. As the clouds go away, it’s time to take your kiddos from the game room to the grass. Here are a few activities that you can enjoy outside with your kiddos this summer. 

Chalk It Up!
Sidewalk chalk is an easy, affordable way to bring out your kids’ creative side while enjoying the fresh air. Have them lay down and outline their body with chalk. Then pass it over to them and let them decorate their outline with clothes, accessories and fun features! Create a chalk art gallery and show off your kiddos’ skills to the neighbors. Or create a fun hopscotch course that goes all the way down the driveway!

Water Fight! 
Rally the troops. Ready your weapons and get ready for the water battle of the century! Fill coolers with water balloons. Arm yourself with a fully loaded water gun. Either form teams or make it everyone for themselves! Be sure to wear clothes that are okay to get wet. Don’t forget to clean up the water balloon debris afterward! 

Pack your favorite snacks, sandwiches, and sodas into a basket and take your lunch outside. Lay a blanket out at a nearby park, or even in your front lawn. Don’t forget to bring utensils and plenty of water! Make sure you clean up your mess after you’ve finished. 

Hunt for Critters
Outside is filled with tons of totally harmless little creatures that are fun to search for. Grab a magnifying glass and take to the grass! Search for ants, lady bugs, butterflies, worms, and rolly pollies. Be sure to handle them with care and supervise your kiddos. 

Lemonade Stand
Is there a better way to cool off from the hot sun than an ice cold glass of lemonade? This fun activity teaches your kids confidence, money-handling, and is just plain fun! Mix up a batch of lemonade, gather disposable cups and create a fun, eye-catching sign. Before you know it you’ll have a line down the block!