4 Ways to Polish Up Your Home Exterior Before Getting an Appraisal

By Meghan Belnap

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When it's time to have your home appraised, you want to be sure that it looks its absolute best. That's because a good appearance is more likely to result in a higher appraisal value, which means more money for you in the loan or other financial product that you're seeking.
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Since the exterior of your home is the first thing that an appraiser will notice, it's vital to take some extra time to make it as welcoming as possible.

Add Mulch to Flower Beds
Adding new mulch to gardens, around trees and in other key locations can quickly transform the look of your home's exterior. Even if the appraisal is happening in the fall or winter, it's still a good idea to add new mulch to help your yard look its best. Just be sure to use an earth-tone color, such as brown or black, so that your much doesn't become a distraction.
Replace Siding
If your home's exterior material is cracked, warped or entirely missing, you could see your appraisal value suffer. Therefore, it's a good idea to have the existing material replaced with something new and durable, such as vinyl siding. In addition to creating a good impression on the appraiser, adding new exterior cladding will help protect your home from the weather, making this a good investment in both the short and long term.
Remove Dead Trees
Losing a tree to age or disease can be frustrating. As frustrating as it is, though, you don't want to delay removing a dead tree from your property, especially if you're about to have an appraisal. Dead trees make it appear as though you don't take care of your home, especially considering that dead trees are a major safety hazard. Although tree removal can be costly, it's something that's well worth the investment.
Mow the Lawn
It seems simple, but many people fail to mow their lawn before an appraiser arrives. Even if it's only been a few days since you last mowed, the shaggy look of a growing lawn can detract from your home's appearance. When mowing, you'll also want to take the time to trim and edge your lawn to make it look as good as possible. Even lawns that have weeds can still look presentable if they've been properly mowed.
As a homeowner, it can be easy to overlook faults in your home's exterior. When preparing your home for an appraisal, though, you have to stop thinking like a homeowner and start thinking like an appraiser. Scrutinize every detail of your home's exterior, asking yourself if there's any way that certain details could be changed for the better. By taking the time to focus on these details, you'll likely be rewarded with a higher appraisal value.
Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family. She finds happiness in researching new topics that help expand her horizons. For more information on vinyl siding, please visit Superior Products.
This article first appeared on RISMedia's blog, Housecall.