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Take a Room-by-Room Approach to Renovations
When your home needs updating in multiple areas, you may find yourself wondering where to begin. Prioritizing the rooms you use most and those in the greatest need of attention can allow you to work through your renovation at a reasonable pace while bringing greater enjoyment to your home one room at a time.

There’s no rule about where to start; it all comes down to your budget and how your family uses your home. The true beginning of any project is defining your vision for the finished space. These on-trend ideas can help you get started.

Multi-Purpose Room Makeover
If you spend any time on social media, you know laundry and multi-purpose room updates are popular. Having a well-organized, attractive workspace can make the less glamorous aspects of homeownership more appealing. With thoughtful planning, you can create a more functional area for laundry, a drop area for book bags and other daily necessities and even grooming space for a pet or a potting area for an avid gardener.

With a space that gets used in so many ways, cabinetry plays an important role in keeping your cleaning equipment and belongings tidy and neat. You’ll be able to find shapes and sizes to fit practically any need you can imagine, like tall hideaways for brooms or gardening tools and low-profile options that can double as bench seating. If your footprint allows it, consider an island for added storage and workspace.

Updated Kitchen
A stylish, functional kitchen is a must for anyone who enjoys culinary arts or the simple pleasure of gathering family or friends around the dinner table. Cabinetry is a focal point in most kitchens, so it’s an element that many homeowners give plenty of consideration. Today’s looks are commonly painted, and black is a surprisingly neutral option that can be adapted to numerous styles. Medium density fiberboard is ideal for painted cabinetry because it provides a smooth surface for even coating and stands up to the temperatures and humidity commonly found in the kitchen.
Don’t forget to give extra attention to what’s inside the cabinets, too. Options like adjustable slide-out shelving   are one way to maximize storage space.

Bathroom Refresh
Whether you’re breathing new life into an outdated bathroom or converting unused space into a new one, practical design is essential. This is especially true if you’re working on a full bath with a smaller footprint where storage space is at a premium. While a powder room may not require much in the way of storage beyond space for extra rolls of toilet paper and hand towels, a full bath demands much more.

Using the right cabinetry for your vanity can create architectural detail that makes even this small space feel special.  To complement the vanity, consider built-in cabinets in the corner. This is a smart way to use square footage that might otherwise be wasted. For visual interest, match the cabinet door style to the vanity but in a complementary way. One on-trend example is a soft gray vanity paired with a deep gray cabinet.

Make function a priority with deep drawer dividers, sliding shelves and other creative solutions, such as repurposing a silverware tray insert to organize your toiletry drawer.

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